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Zaida Ballesteros Parejo was born in Granada / Spain. She studied dance at the Conservatorio Profesional de Danza in Granada until 2001 and at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Frankfurt am Main until 2004. 2018 she finished her Master in Theatre Studies with the Distance State University (UNED) in Spain.

From 2004 to 2015 she worked as a freelancer as well as a permanent dancer in several theatres for different choreographers. In 2015 she started working as a freelancer dancer, teacher and choreographer.

She has been teaching since 2016 regularly in Mozarteum University, Salzburg and Sasha Waltz & Guest Children’s and Young Company. Since 2017 she is choreographer and dance teacher in Piccolo Theater Cottbus (DE) and directs JugendTanzCompany Project.

She currently lives in Germany and works as a dancer, choreographer and lecturer in Germany, Austria, Spain and Switzerland, among others for Sasha Waltz & Guest.

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Professional Experience

Dance Pedagogy:

Teaching Dance Technique in Mozarteum  Salzburg (AT) from 2015 to 2017

Directing Dance Pedagogy´s Programs in Piccolo Theatre since 2017

2021. Expert Jury. Dance in Residency. Brandenburg

2020                                    NoBodySasha Waltz & Guests. DE
2019                                   Ema Destinn. Brno. CZ – Cottbus. DE
2018                                   Körper. Sasha Waltz & Guests. Hannover. DE
2017                                   Tre Volti. Schwetzinger Festspiele. DE
2016                                   Romance de Agua y Piedra. Granada ES
                                           Same but Different. Tirol. IT

2015-16                               Schauspielhaus Stuttgart
Das kalte Herz nach der Erzählung von Wilhelm Hauff. Armin Petras                                                                   
                                            Staatsoper Berlin
Aufstieg und Fall der Stadt Mahagonny B.Brecht/Kurt Weil

        2009-2014                           Theater St.Gallen:

Passolini, Alcina, Codex. Marco Santi. Der Mitmacher. Andrea Boll

Eleven. Yossy Berg and Oded Graf

Bulldog Ants. Linda Kapetanea und Jozef Fruzek

Frida Kahlo. Philipp Egli. Magical Road. Anton Lachky

         2009                                    Entre Cielo y tierra. Shambalah Productions.

Collaboration with CEPIA S. José, Costa Rica. (

        2005-08                              Tanztheater Osnabrück:

Spielregeln, Penelope, Verklärte Nacht, Silver, Fairy Queen,

Les Chambres und Bernarda Albas Haus.  Marco Santi

Crazy for you by Gershwin und Grand Hotel. Melissa King

Èclats du réel Toula Limnaos. Blindspot Vera Sanders

Mond…Days Luc Dunberry

       2007                                      South American Tour. Big in Bombay

Porto Alegre, Buenos Aires and Sao Paolo

Dorky Park/Constanza Macras. Schaubühne Berlin Production

2004                             Dialogue 04. Volkspalast. Berlin.

Sasha Waltz and Guests. Iztok Kovac

Three months practicum

Ballett Frankfurt. William Forsythe

Desperate figures dance theatre. 

Speed and Dizziness Nancy SeitzMcintyre. Mainz 


2020                              A Luz.
2019                              La América Salvaje, Rite of Spring and Huapango.
                                      Assisting G.Galíndez Cruz.
2017-18                        JOpera Festival. AT. Carmen from Bizet and Il barbiere di Siviglia.

2018-20                        Directing. Piccolo JugendTanzCompany. Cottbus. DE

2017                             The Wall. Based on Pink Floyd. Cottbus. DE

2016                             The Full Monty. Theater Kiel. DE                                                                         
                                     Romance de Agua y Piedra. Granada. ES                                                               
                                     The Rite of Spring. Assisting G.Galíndez Cruz.
                                      An der Arche um Acht. With Nele Neitzke. Mainfranken Theater. Würzburg
2015                              How did I learn to LOVE HER.
                                      Im Weißen Rössl. Landesbühne Nord. DE
2014                              Dance and Drum.
                                       Scene Choreography “Kleiner Mann was nun”. After Hans
                                       Fallada. With Ingo Putz. SH-Landestheater.       

2013                              Fairy love song with tail.

2011                              French kiss or; Folklore for fou


High school:             Classic literatur graduation.  (Magna cum laude)

Conservatory and University:  
1994-2001                    Conservatorio Profesional de danza de Granada. ES 

                                        Spanish classic dance, flamenco, ballet.

         2001-2004                   Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Frankfurt        

                                             am Main (Germany) 
                                             Diplom Bühnen-Tänzerin 

         2015-18                       Master of Art in Theatre studies
                                             UNED (Spanish National distance education University)

       Singing Education:
       2003-2013                 HfMDK(Frankfurt) with Katharina Kutsch, and classes with 

                                                          Eva Schneidereit and Alison Trainer


Spanish. Native language

English and German. C1 Spoken. B2 Written.

French and Italian. B1-2 Spoken

Further Training
Master classes and workshops with William Forsythe, Wayne McGregor, Louise Lecavalier,  David Hernández, Bruno Heynderickx, Alan Barnes, Jan Kodet, José Biondi, Olga Cobos- Peter Mika, Nicole Peisl, Lance Gries, Cesc Gelabert, Iñaki Azpillaga, David Zambrano and Narendra Patil.

Video & Dance

Frankfurt (am Main) 2005 Festival Valencia Radio City 05


Osnabrück 2006 Festival Pool 07. Berlin. Germany


Osnabrück 2008


contemporay dance 3


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Berlin / Stuttgart / St. Gallen / Osnabrück

State Theatre

2005 until 2016

Being part of ensemble and productions in several State Theatres.

She worked as a freelancer as well as a permanent dancer at the theater with companies and choreographers such as: Sasha Waltz and Guest, Iztok Kovac, Constanza Macras, Dieter Heitkamp, ​​Marco Santi at the Osnabrück Theater and at the Sankt Gallen Theater in Switzerland, Melissa King, Toula Limnaos, Vera Sanders, Luc Dunberry, Andrea Boll, Yossy Berg and Oded Graf, Linda Kapetanea and Jozef Frucek, Philipp Egli, Anton Lachky.

In 2015 she started working as a freelancer dancer, teacher and choreographer.
She worked as a guest dancer in Schauspielhaus Stuttgart for «Das kalte Herz» after the story by Wilhelm Hauff by Armin Petras and Staatsoper Berlin for «Aufstieg und Fall der Stadt Mahagonny» B.Brecht / Kurt Weil.




Carmen. Opera

French kiss or; Folklore for four


How Did I


How did I learnt to love her

With kind support of:

Kanton of St.Gallen  Promotion of culture
City of St.Gallen
Ernst Gönner Foundation
Arnold Billwiller Foundation

Sasha Waltz and Guests


As SBH corporation present us, with the help of its collaborator/application on stage, we encounter a number of options. We will design TOGETHER with the public, a moving performance.

The evening suggests a futuristic vision of theatre, approached as a concept, on the verge of extinction. It is a celebration of theatre: as a room to meet, a place for democratic reunion and to share common interests. This evening proposes a dialog between technology and daily life, an inquiry about sensing the surrounding and emotional world, accompanied by myth-poetical pictures.

How far does a technological society shake the private fundaments of an individual: who we are, what we choose to do and when do we start to become part of a fiction. Touching on Artaud philosophical principals, this evening will diagnose the sickness of a society without needs, that denies the intensity of human feelings (both positive and negative) and the necessity for treating it, pulling for a theatrical experience with ritualistic characteristics.

St Gallen, Winterthur, Zürich, Berlin, Frankfurt, Cologne, Leipzig and Salzburg


Choreography: Zaida Ballesteros and Gabriel Galíndez Cruz

Dramaturgy: Kathrin Mayr and Emilio Díaz Abregú

Technical support: Emilio Díaz Abregú

Music: Roderik Vanderstraeten

Costume: Fausto Izzi

Graphic design: Valérie Maerten